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San Diego Christmas Parade of Lights

In December, crowds gather at San Diego Harbor for the Boat Parade of Lights. In celebration of the Christmas season, the rolling waters of the San Diego Bay flow like black velvet as the perfect back-drop for this spectacular Christmas light show. Every year on two consecutive Sundays during December, people and participating boats come to take part in a beautiful and joyous holiday celebration on the bay.

Before the parade of lights begin, guests can reserve dinner aboard the “Star of India,”right on the bay. Here, a classy but casual gala is held to celebrate the coming parade. Guests can get a close up look at some of the decorated boats that will participate in the event. Reservations are necessary if you want to attend this exclusive dinner event. There is also an exciting fireworks show, which is held right before the parade begins . The dazzling show of fireworks starts the night off with a bang and gets everyone in the holiday spirit.

As the fireworks fade, dozens of boats light up to reveal brilliantly strung lights and intricate decorations. Numerous boats and yachts glide through the waters with the colorful lights reflecting off the bay, awing the crowds looking on. The parade begins at Shelter Island and lasts for about one and a half hours. From land, the boats are best seen from Shelter Island, Harbor Island, Seaport Village the Embarcadero, and last at the ferry landing at Coronado. Harbor Island can be particularly crowded, so if you plan on watching the parade from this location, arrive early because good parking can be difficult to find. For views from the water, boats near the 10th Street Terminal will get the best views of the parade.

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