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Gaslamp's Fall Back Festival

Truly a step back in time. The Annual Fall Back Festival is held each year in the Gaslamp Quarter on the Sunday that ends daylight savings time. It's a step back in time to imagine what life was like in the 1880s in the area of San Diego known today as the Gaslamp Quarter. An era when the streets were dirt and bustled with horses and wagons. Billed as the "Historic Childrens' Street Faire", this annual event is a family-friendly affair that features fun-filled excitement for kids and adults that still think they are kids.

The Fall Back Festival is a learning experience for the kids. It gives them a glimpse of what life's conditions were like in the old west days. It
was simpler times. Dusty roads, not concrete. Horses, no cars. No smart phones, just face to face communication. No televisions, kids played in the streets. No big supermarkets, people had to churn their own butter. Learn the history of the Gaslamp and how it came to be.

The Fall Back event is almost like county fair. Climb aboard an old-fashion hay ride. Get your face painted. Pet some llamas. Pan for gold. Ride a pony. Watch reenactments of Wyatt Earp defending 4th Avenue from the Outlaws. See the firing of an old canon. Gun-slinging cowboys and shoot-outs, rope tricks, music, entertainers, and lots of food. Also visit the "House of 1,000 Spiders", a haunted house attraction.

Mark you calendars for the Sunday each year that ends daylight savings time in November. It all happens in the Gaslamp Quarter in the area in front of the historical William Heath Davis House, which is the Gaslamp Musem at Fourth and Island Avenues. Generally the Fall Back Festival is free a few of the activities in the venue will require a donation or minimal fee. Be there from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Come early.

Also experience the ShamRock Festival.

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