San Diego Tourist Guide

Exploring Mission Beach

The Mission Beach area of San Diego is one of the most magnificent parts of the city, and it is the focus of millions of tourists every year. These visitors come from around the state, around the country and around the world to experience the world class surfing, superb swimming, wonderful weather and stunning natural beauty that makes the Mission Beach region so unique.

Mission Beach is a particular favorite with surfers, and there are many local shops, from outfitters to surfboard rental shops, which cater to
those who love to ride the waves. The waves at Mission Beach can be particularly strong, and lots of fun to ride for experienced surfers.

For those who want to learn the art of surfing, there are ample opportunities in and around Mission Beach, which is home to a number of excellent surfing schools where newcomers to the sport can learn the all the tricks at the hands of old masters.

For the competitive surfer, the Mission Beach area is home to a number of well known surfing competitions. These competitions draw surfers from around the world, and they are lots of fun to watch even for those who are not participating.

Mission Beach is home to a number of unique and wonderful businesses, including boat rental operations, bike rental shops, and of course plenty of shops selling all kinds of beach wear and related gear. In addition there are a number of places to rent rollerblades, making for a relaxing way to enjoy the boardwalk while getting some great exercise.

Mission Beach is also a favorite among water skiers and windsurfers, and on a clear day many of these daredevils can be seen riding the waves and enjoying a beautiful day at the beach. Mission Beach is also a great place to enjoy a cozy picnic at the beach, read, people watch or just laze around and enjoy the sunshine.

Mission Beach is also the home to world famous Belmont Park, which recently reopened after a long period of inactivity. The park is home to the famous Giant Dipper roller coaster, one of the top picks of coaster enthusiasts around the world. Lovers of thrill rides, whether natural or man made, continue to make the Mission Beach region of California one of their preeminent destinations.
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