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Gaslamp International Restaurants

The best International fine dining in the Gaslamp Quarter including Indian, Thai, Persian, Afghan, and other ethnic restaurants all located in the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego, CA.

Gaslamp International Dining in San Diego


Bandar is a "port" of Persian Perfection". Behrooz Farahani has raised Persian dining to new heights with authentic marinades for his signature beef, lamb, chicken, and fish entrees. Behrooz is committed to serving only the finest meats, and insists on personally choosing each cut that is served in his restaurants. Now in its tenth year, Bandar has garnered hundreds of excellent reviews and awards, and its no surprise that it has become known as Southern California's most elegant Persian restaurant.

Rama Restaurant offers its guests a sensual trip through Thailand with amazing fine Thai cuisine and gorgeous works of art. Our museum-like setting and decor complement a stunning art collection and architecture, creating an exotic atmosphere designed to enhance your enjoyment of the fine Thai cuisine. It's a true Thai feast for all the senses, complete with tantalizing music. Rama Restaurant is known as one of the largest and most elegantly decorated Thai restaurants, with the best in fine Thai dining.

Royal Thai Cuisine offers you exquisite Thai dining with it's delicious flavors and exotic atmosphere. We serve each of you as if you were the Royal family. We were honored with serving the Queen and the Princess of Thailand, as well as many member of Royal Thai family; along with thousand of loyal California patrons. Come, be our guest; sit and enjoy the quiet tranquility of the Thai culture, sample our dishes and experience the taste of Thailand.

  • Tabule International Cuisine
  • 535 4th Avenue
  • San Diego CA, 92101
  • 619 238-0048
  • Chopahn Authentic Afghan Cuisine
  • 750 6th Avenue
  • San Diego CA, 92101
  • 619 236-9236
  • Masala - Spices of India
  • 314 5th Avenue
  • San Diego CA, 92101
  • 619 232-5050
  • Monsoon - Fine Cuisine of India
  • 729 4th Avenue
  • San Diego CA, 92101
  • 619 234-5555
  • Royal India Exquisite Restaurant & Lounge
  • 329 Market Street
  • San Diego CA, 92101
  • 619 269-9999
  • Sadaf Restaurant - Persian Cuisine
  • 828 5th Avenue
  • San Diego CA, 92101
  • 619 338-0008
  • Star of India Restaurant
  • 423 F Street
  • San Diego CA, 92101
  • 619 234-8000
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